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Phalloplasty is the term for penis enlargement surgery. Many men have successfully had their penises enlarged by a variety of cosmetic, surgical procedures. Several of these procedures are discussed here. However, due to the risk of infection, it is our opinion that surgery should only be considered if all else fails. Links to some prominent penis enlargement surgery sites can be found at the bottom of this page.

Suspensory Ligament Removal: Is It Better Than A Use Of Penis Pumps?

This lengthening procedure involves making a small incision just above the base of the penis (within the cover provided by the pubic hair) and releasing the suspensory ligaments, which hold part of the penis inside the body. The ligaments are repositioned, allowing the penis to move forward. The results are instantaneous and add an average of 1.5″ in length. Unfortunately, the penis loses its ability to stand suspended when maintaining an erection. Because the suspensory ligaments also act to hold the penis upright when erect, their removal will cause the penis to hang directly down, even when erect.

Fat Transfer

Another enlargement procedure is referred to as a Fat Transfer. In the Fat Transfer a variable amount of fat is removed from either the lower abdomen or inner thighs, purified, then placed under the skin around the shaft of the penis. This technique adds from 30% to 50% in circumference. There is a significant possibility some or all of the relocated fat will be re absorbed by the body within the first several months, thus reducing the size of the penis to its original state.

Dermal Graft Augmentation

With this procedure, strips of skin with the fat on the under-surface are removed from low-visibility areas of the body, usually from areas where there are natural body creases. These strips are then inserted under the skin of the penis through two small incisions. The grafts are positioned to meet under the skin, surrounding the entire shaft, thus eliminating visible ridges. The procedure adds approximately 30% to 50% in circumference.

Risks and Recovery

The most current position statement of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: “Penile Augmentation by Fat Injection: Enlargement of the penis by fat injection is considered an experimental high-risk procedure, and there is currently insufficient data to establish its safety and effectiveness. The procedure involves removing fat through a syringe or liposuction tube from one area of the body, (such as the flank, or “love handles’) and injecting it into the shaft of the penis. Aesthetic plastic surgeons warn that patients could experience complications, including infection, bleeding and contour irregularities. … Furthermore, there is no evidence that the enlargement will be permanent, since a large percentage of the fat transferred is likely to be absorbed after only a few months. … A.S.A.P.S. urges patients to view penile augmentation by fat injection as investigational …”

The United Surgical Alliance reports the following:
Infection Rate of About 6%
Scar Formation About 5%
Procedures which have to be redone: About 5%
Intercourse generally not possible for 4-5 weeks
Editor’s Note: While the surgical procedures for lengthening the penis seem to be fairly effective, the risks of damage, especially in this area, seem to suggest seeking a less risky alternative. We would suggest using this as a last resort – in the event that other methods did not prove effective. After all, how would you feel after risking infection and scar formation and suffering for 4-5 weeks if all you really needed was something as simple as a penis pump?(click here for more information)